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  • Karen Dumas: Detroit’s All-Star Communications Pro

    Karen Dumas is an award-winning Communications Professional/Media Contributor/Public Speaker Committed to Excellence, Entrepreneurship and Equality. Dumas attracts readers, listeners and viewers and garnered respect as...

  • Sonia Jackson Myles: Dreamwalking

    Sonia Jackson Myles has over 20 years of experience (managing nearly $20 Billion) in Corporate America, working for top Fortune 500 companies such as Ford...

  • Arian Simone: Homeless to Hollywood

    Who is Arian Simone? She’s worked on all the major films you’ve probably seen, she runs a magazine and hosts a podcast with tips from...

  • Kristie Kennedy: Cutting Edge

    Kristie Kennedy is a cutting edge Global IMPACT Speaker who is real, raw and relevant to 21st century destiny driven dreamers! In her words, “Many...

  • Portia Lockett – The Encourager

    Portia Lockett is an amazing speaker, teacher and inspirer….

  • September Issue Cover Story: Arian Simone

      Get her book: My Fabulous & Fearless Journey: From Homeless to Hollywood by Arian Simone Link:

  • Dr. Sylvia Jordan

    There is no question that discovering one’s life purpose has become an obsession, nationally and across the globe. Where we look for this purpose often...

  • Melerick Mitchell…The Motivator

    Melerick Mitchell’s Sizzle Reel from Melerick Mitchell on Vimeo. Melerick Mitchell: is a sought after corporate speaker/coach who serves global executives and organizations of various...

  • Dr. Missy Johnson: The Break Free Coach

    Dr. Missy Johnson IS a high-achieving, fearless woman. Here is her story in her own words: I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I...

  • Kevin Wayne Johnson

    Kevin Wayne Johnson will provide effective team communication and structure that is important for forging relationships equipping your team with the proper attitudes to develop...