Tips for Improving Your Public Speaking by Bennie W. Fowler

bennie fowler ford
Bennie Fowler Sr.

Bennie W. Fowler is passionate about helping people achieving greatness. For Bennie, the true measure of a man is found in the ability to foster excellence and encourage greatness in the people around them. Throughout his successful 40+ years in the automotive industry – a career that started as a Production Supervisor and culminated in his work as Group Vice President of Global Quality and New Model Launch at Ford Motor Company, Bennie proved himself as an experienced and successful business leader.

Now, following his entrepreneurial spirit into new territories, Bennie Fowler is the President & CEO of Bennie Fowler, LLC.

In addition, and as a result of his passion for helping the next generation, Bennie W. Fowler stared Powerstroke Athletic Club in 2000. Here, he provides young people the opportunity to learn dedication through hard work and community.

Publisher of Speakers Magazine

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